Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Long, Long Month...

...and it isn't over yet!

Here are my excuses for not posting for the last three weeks:
  1. Work has been really busy - the kind of busy that keeps me in the office until 11:00 pm. I will not miss this job when I leave.
  2. We are trying to get the house ready to sell. This weekend I worked outside, planting some annuals and mulching over the weeds. Hopefully I did enough for curb appeal.
  3. I have been teaching every yoga class I can, substituting for teachers who are away. (They are taking real vacations. I can't remember my last real vacation.)
  4. I have a triathlon training schedule that I must stick to.
I need to get to bed early tonight so I can be in the pool by 6:00 am tomorrow, so I'll have to do the Readers' Digest condensed version of what's going on.

I did my first training run over 3 miles and felt great the whole time. I even had enough left in me to sprint when I got close to home. I am really happy with how training is going. Other than a few sore muscle days here and there, my body has felt good. I love how much more energy I have now.

I bounce off the walls on rest days.

Substituting for other teachers gives me a chance to teach different styles of yoga. I really like Vinyasa, or flow, yoga, and enjoy teaching those classes. When I open my studio, there will be Vinyasa classes.

My husband is starting to get responses when he submits his resume for job openings. We need lots of positive energy going into his job search so our plans all work out.

Since my last post, I've had lots of ideas that I wanted to write about, but I've forgotten them all. I'm sort of caught up now, so I can start fresh tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.
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