Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Collapsing Routines

Busy calendar
Life had a routine. Then homeschooling happened and all the established routines went out the window. Days don't have the same rhythm, which is okay.

I'm struggling with creating new routines, and wondering if I want to. Days when I have yoga classes to teach have a schedule. Days off have been unfolding in different ways. Some days we have things to do, some days we just hang out and play.

Homeschooling is taking more time out of my days than I anticipated, and that's a good thing. Tristan works independently for some subjects, but for others he needs help or support. During those times I cannot multitask. I need to be present and as focused as I'm asking him to be. Interesting lesson for someone who teaches others how to be present.

Tristan and I are running together, getting ready for a Turkey Trot. He doesn't think he can do a 5K, but I know he'll be ready. He's running a mile easily and going a bit longer every day. Running together is a great time to talk, or practice multiplication.

Whenever I get short on time, the yoga studio demands more of it. I've come to expect it, so I'm calm about the crazy to-do list. Teacher training started and I couldn't be more pleased with the group that has come together. In November I get to welcome two new teachers to the studio, one teaching a Qi Gong class and the other leading a Mommy and Me group. Over the last couple of months we've started a New Moon Circle and a Drumming Circle. And I've got a list of people to call to schedule workshops, as soon as I get a moment.

I'm also working with my Bona Fide Butterflies sisters to put together our second women's retreat, scheduled for January 2013. I love to collaborate with the other Butterflies. They inspire me.

I haven't blogged much. I'm trying to work more of that into my days. What I have been doing is running, following my own plan in addition to running with Tristan. I made it through the dreaded third week when things start to hurt and I usually slack off. I've made a deal with myself - train all winter and I can try my first full marathon next year. I know I can't attempt 26.2 miles untrained or I'll end up in the van that picks up the stragglers. Or the ambulance. Neither is an appealing prospect.

Perhaps new routines will fall into place with time for everything that's important. Or maybe I'll just republish this post next month.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Dead Baby Bug

Tristan and I practice yoga every morning. Our current favorite pose is Happy Baby, which looks like the "pose" babies get into when they play with their toes. Some teachers call it Dead Bug pose. Tristan calls it Happy Dead Baby Bug. Whatever he calls it, it's a great morning hip opener.

Image courtesy of  Yoga in my School
To get into Happy Baby (aka Happy Dead Baby Bug or, in Sanskrit, Ananda Balasana), lay on your back and bring your knees over your chest. Grab the insides of the soles of your feet. Keeping your thighs close to your chest, bring your feet over your knees with your feet flexed. Your knees should end up outside your arms. Gently draw your knees down into your armpits. If your tailbone starts lifting, press it back down onto the floor. It's fun to rock from side to side. If you have enough space, rock all the way to one side then back to the other.

Start your morning playing happy dead baby bug. Your hips will love it, and it's hard not to giggle like a happy baby. Or a bug. Whatever.

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