Welcome to True North Yogini! My name is Debbie and I'm a North Country yoga teacher and certified personal trainer, slow (but improving!) triathlete and runner, wife, and mother to 2 kids and a few hairy beasts. I've been living in the Adirondack mountains in Upstate New York since 2009, when my family escaped from New Jersey to our vacation home. I left behind my career (don't tell anyone, but I was a CPA) and a steady paycheck and opened my yoga studio, True North Yoga, in the tiny village of Schroon Lake. Since then life has been an adventure that I share here.

I'm passionate about yoga and especially about how both asana and yoga philosophy create the foundation for an active lifestyle. Yoga led to triathlon, running, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing. Fitness, eating right and meditation all contribute to the holistic well-being necessary to pursue the many outdoor activities the 'dacks have to offer, as well as keeping things peaceful when I have to be inside.

Why True North? In addition to living pretty far north, it reflects finding my right path and following it. No matter which way I turn, the compass needle always guides me to my true north: teaching yoga in my favorite place in the world.

This blog has lots about yoga, a bunch of triathlon and running training and racing reports, a handful of tales about getting outdoors in the Adirondacks and a sprinkling of stories about marriage, kids, homeschooling, creative pursuits and the rest of life. Enjoy your visit and contact me anytime!
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