Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trusting the Plan

Way back in 2008, I decided 2009 was a good time for a change. I set some goals for myself - finishing a triathlon, moving to the lake, and starting my own yoga studio. I said I was willing to do the work, and asked the universe to work with me. After that, all I could do was trust that the universe had a plan, pay attention, and follow it.

The plan for triathlon training was easy. I found an online training plan that worked for me, and followed it. I had no idea what I should be doing, so all I could do was trust the people who knew more than me. Other than the past couple of weeks, when my training has slipped a bit as house stuff got in the way, I've done every workout. With four weeks to go, I believe the plan worked, I am fairly confident I can finish the triathlon. I am looking forward to it.

Trusting the universe to give my family the opportunity to pick up and move was trickier. I couldn't just google "6 month plan to totally change my family's life" and get a list of things to do each week. I had to believe it would work out the way we wanted, and just wait and see.

When my husband got laid off in January, I knew the universe was paying attention. While it was unpleasant for him, it gave us the opportunity to accomplish some things at home while he looked for a job in New York. As April slipped by without a job opportunity, my husband was starting to feel discouraged, but I told him to have faith. Within days of finishing the last big project which made the house ready to sell, he got interviews and a job offer a short commute from the lake. I believe the universe was waiting until we were ready. We put the house on the market, and today my husband moved to the lake to start his new job.

The kids will move next, when school is finished, then I'll follow a few weeks later. I know the universe will make sure the house sells and we close at just the right time to wrap up everything. I'll keep packing, so I'm ready when the time comes. I may not know exactly what the plan is, but it's working. I have to keep trusting the plan.
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