Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Starting Again

KUNSAN AIR BASE, South Korea— Airmen from the ...Image via WikipediaThough not perfect, my neck is feeling better. I have also gotten over a cold that knocked me out last week. After a Sunday afternoon basement-cleaning frenzy, the treadmill has been freed from piles of camping gear and my bike is sitting in the trainer and I am ready for winter training.

After Daylight Savings Time came to a glorious end, I set my alarm an hour earlier and have gotten onto the treadmill the past two mornings. I find switching from the road to the treadmill is like learning to run again. Different muscles complain and the warm house challenges my cardiovascular endurance, already beat down by the cold. It feels so much like starting over that it's hard to believe that I'd only taken three weeks off.

This morning I walked on the treadmill. Yesterday my body let me know it wasn't quite ready to run with low back and knee pain. I'm hoping that after a few days of walking my body will remember the mechanics of running and I'll be training at the level I'm used to. In the meantime I will keep listening to my body.

And I can always spend lots of time on my yoga mat.

I also added crunches to my workout this morning. 75 may have been too much. I'm feeling it now and wondering if I will be able to sit up tomorrow morning.

Trying to find some new motivation, I recently started logging my workouts on Daily Mile. If you're using this site, won't you be my friend?
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