Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

I've encountered some difficult things during the 45 years I've been alive, but my greatest challenge has been being a mom. There was no training plan to prepare me for parenthood and even having been through it once didn't mean I knew what I was doing with the next kid. I have developed a deep appreciation for all mothers, especially my own.

It is with that deep appreciation that I wish "Happy Mother's Day" to moms everywhere, and hope that each one honors not only the mothers in her life, but herself as well. You are doing a very difficult job and you deserve a special day. The True North Yoga studio will be open for classes on Mother's Day. Treat yourself to gentle yoga at 9:30 am or Hatha at 11:00 am. And why not bring your mom to a yoga class too?

Self-care has become May's theme at the studio. Our first Reiki circle was a wonderful, powerful sharing of energy and love. Anyone who's interested in learning Reiki can join Joyce Vanselow for level 1 training on May 19th and 20th. This month's Women's Circle will nurture our need to play and will feature mandalas. The self-care continues on June 3rd when we present a free seminar on how to lower your cholesterol without drugs. And, of course, you can give yourself lots of time on your yoga mat.

May has become all about self-care for me as well. In addition to my yoga practice, I'm finding new ways to relieve pain and reduce stress. I tried acupuncture for the first time at the Acupuncture Studio in Glens Falls, New York, and I think I might be in love. I'd hesitated to try acupuncture because I'm not fond of needles, but after talking to Kevin, the acupuncturist there, I knew what to expect and wasn't surprised by what I felt when he put the needles into my skin. What did surprise me was how fast I felt relief. I've combined acupuncture with regular visits to my chiropractor and I can turn my head farther than I've been able to in years. Yes, I mean years.

After a Reiki session with Joyce followed the next day by the Reiki share, I've become reacquainted with my Reiki self-practice. I'd dropped that years ago, but, like someone said at the share, "it's like riding a bike." It's true that the energy never goes away.

I made some changes to the yoga studio schedule and not everyone is happy about them. Dropping my Thursday morning classes was a hard decision for me, but it supports my commitment to my family. Teaching yoga is very important to me, but I am a mom, too, and I needed more time to spend with my son. Just as I wouldn't be an effective mother without the peacefulness that yoga gives me, I cannot be an authentic yoga teacher without caring for the other parts of my life as well. An extra morning off may be the best Mother's Day present I've ever given myself.

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