Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gardening in the Snow

January in the Adirondacks is pretty white. Other than the evergreens and the asphalt, there is nothing to look at but snow. This week I found myself missing dirt and green plants. I also found myself buying another little plastic container of "fresh" herbs - dill this time - and I got to thinking about what a waste it was to buy so much when I only needed a couple of tablespoons, especially if I couldn't think of more recipes to use it up.

Our new house has a wonderfully bright bay window with southeastern exposure. My houseplants were already enjoying the sunlight, but there was still plenty of room. What better use of the space than solving both of my problems?

A road trip to Lowes in Ticonderoga yielded a variety of seeds, some seed starting potting soil and a pile of Jiffy pots. Seven pots are now sitting on the windowsill, each with it's own variety of seeds.

And then comes the waiting. And the daily watering. And the waiting.

More to come...
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