Friday, April 16, 2010


I really like working for myself, teaching yoga. It's great to be able to decide what hours I will work. I've arranged my schedule so that I can make my kids breakfast and be home when they get off the school bus. I've got a couple of mornings free for housework and errands. I've got afternoons free for triathlon training, writing in my blog and anything else that needs doing. It's a great schedule.

So how come I'm not getting any sleep?

I've been up considerably later than my normal 9:30pm bedtime all week because I've decided I'd like to build yoga class attendance a bit by getting the word out. In other words, I'm going to advertise.

My advertising budget is pretty small, so I won't be doing any four-color, full-page spreads. Just little business directory ads in the local paper, as well as a couple of other Adirondack publications. Oh, and I'm going to have an ad on 40,000 placemats. (They are given by our area Chamber of Commerce to the local restaurants and diners.)

These ads are all business card size or smaller. Not much room to put stuff besides the basics. Which explains why it took me three hours to put together a 1" x 2" ad, right?

Sigh. They didn't teach me how to write ad copy in yoga school. They didn't teach me this in accounting school either. In my next lifetime I will major in marketing before I give up my career to become a yoga teacher. For the remainder of this lifetime I will just have to muddle through.

My ad layouts are done, finally, and I am ready to watch a movie with my fami........zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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