Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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In my last post I wrote about working with the goddess of healthy eating, @holisticguru. Well, the guru has issued a Twitter challenge. Set a healthy eating intention (or two) for somewhere between 3 and 9 days and send a daily tweet with a picture of a great meal that meets that intention. With the #i8this hashtag, Twitter users can follow along and be inspired by all the good food.

I can't resist a challenge.

My intention, starting Friday, April 16th, is to have at least one serving of leafy greens each day for 9 days. My refrigerator is loaded with kale, chard, spinach and broccoli. I am ready!

This has been a good training week so far. In addition to teaching and training, I've been working on marketing and putting together some fun yoga workshops for the summer. Everything is coming together. The only negative for the past few days is not getting enough sleep, so I'm going to bed early tomorrow. Really.
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