Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two TV-Free Days

Kitchen faucetImage by Fujin via FlickrI washed the breakfast dishes without turning the television on! It seems the faucet works even when the television is closed up in its cabinet. Who knew?

After the morning started, I really didn't have much time to miss the TV. My dad had a cardiac catheterization this morning and found out he'll need open heart surgery pretty soon. He is supposed to be sitting quietly and not using the hand that had the catheter, which is totally against my dad's nature. He also couldn't be left alone in case he started bleeding or having chest pains. I spent my free time "dad-sitting" so my mom could go to the pharmacy.

My dad decided to watch television while I was there, but, honestly, he just sits with the remote and flips channels endlessly, so even if I had watched I wouldn't have gotten to see more than 5 minutes of anything. Instead of watching, I pulled out one of my "to-do-when-I-have-a-minute" things I carry around in my bag and worked on that.

Tomorrow I'll be spending hours at home. Let's see if I can do bookkeeping and newsletter stuff without Hulu running in the background.
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