Friday, October 30, 2009


The Halloween festivities in Schroon Lake started today when the elementary school kids paraded down Main Street in their costumes. This was, of course, my first time witnessing the event, and I was pleasantly surprised by some things I noticed, such as:

  1. Unlike our suburban New Jersey school, the kids are allowed to wear scary and/or violent costumes. Now, I'm not saying that we should glorify violence or anything, but, come on, it's Halloween. It's supposed to be scary. Sorry, but there's no way a Disney princess can scare off an evil spirit. I was happy to see a couple of first grade vampires, complete with dripping fake blood.
  2. The kids went out and interacted with the people in town. This was a very nice change from doing loops around the school parking lot. People who didn't have children in school came out and watched just because it was fun. Let's hear it for inter-generational connections!
  3. The businesses along Main Street got into the spirit of Halloween. Business owners and employees dressed up, came outside and handed out candy to the kids as they passed. These same businesses regularly support the PTSO and the booster club. I appreciate businesses that give back to the community (and I remember that when I shop).
  4. My six year old has a new girlfriend, whether he wants one or not. Apparently she found his Iron Man costume very appealing. That's so cute.
Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I've been really happy to see lots of decorated houses around town. I'm looking forward to taking my son trick-or-treating tomorrow. My teenage daughter will be out there tomorrow night, haunting town with the rest of the after-dark crowd until the midnight showing of Zombieland.

Next year, when we are settled in the new house, I am throwing a Halloween party. This year I'll just enjoy my kids' Halloween.

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