Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Facing fears...and giving gifts

I don't like myself.  I'm crazy about myself."
~Mae West

Thanks to some fear-facing inspiration from Shannon and the participants of Inside Out, I took a big, deep breath and recorded my first podcast yoga class.  This fulfills a promise I made to some of my "summer" yoga students who headed to warm southern states when the leaves started to turn.  It sounded like a good idea at the time, but when faced with the reality of speaking into a microphone for an hour and having my every imperfection recorded and broadcast to the internet, I was scared.  The fear kept me procrastinating for months.  Today I broke through that fear, put my trust in the creative process and, after six hours of learning to use the recording software and site uploading stuff, the first podcast is done. 

In the spirit of Valentine's Day and everything I've learned in the e-course, this yoga class is all about opening your heart to love yourself.  It's my gift to you.  You can listen here, or on my podbean site.  Enjoy!

It wasn't easy to get to the point where I feel I have something valuable to share with the world.  This morning, as I battled the last of the feelings of self-doubt before clicking the "record" button, this song came to mind.  I saw Paula Cole perform this song at Lilith Fair in 1996 (yes, I'm that old) and it's one that I need to listen to every now and then.  One more gift of self-love for you.  And the yoga-minded will appreciate the chakra journey in the video.

Paula Cole - Me (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Paula Cole

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