Sunday, April 10, 2011

The (Long Overdue) "Thank You" Post

Please indulge me, because I have a long list of people to thank.  Each time I walk into the new True North Yoga studio, it is their energies that I feel, because they put something of themselves into it.

Thank you... my parents, who gifted me with the madness to dream and taught me that whatever I do, I should do it right.  And when I decide to follow a mad dream, they give their own time and their own sweat to help me make it a reality.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for painting and fixing and fussing over small details.  Dad, thank you especially for going a bit crazy over the floor, because it looks great. Annie, who spent hours and hours balanced precariously balanced on top of a ladder with a paintbrush in her hand, first edging around the ceilings, then painting the mural.  (Good thing you do all that yoga, Annie!)  And when she finally came down off the ladder, it was to paint the sign that hangs outside.  Annie, I appreciate the three weeks you spent with green paint on your hands and a sore shoulder.  But I think the thing I am most grateful for is your friendship and support.  Oh, and my family says "thanks again" for feeding them. Myriam, for helping us paint and for your wonderful Chai Lattes, without which I never would have accomplished everything I did in three short weeks.  And let's not forget the awesome sandwiches and crepes at your Morningstar Bistro, which are undeniably the best in Schroon Lake.  I loved every time you stopped in to see how we were doing and I'm glad we're almost neighbors on Main Street. Sharon, who puts paint on a wall faster than anyone I've seen.  I appreciate your encouragement and support and that you took some time out from running your inn to help me paint. Ginny, for joining the painting crew and bringing your wonderful light energy into the place. Beti, for writing a wonderful press release and sending it where it needed to go.  I was really excited to see us in the paper! my children, Melanie and Tristan, for all the afternoons you walked over after school to hang out with your mom.  Melanie, thank you for painting and cleaning and helping me decorate (and stopping me before good intentions turn tacky).  Tristan, you did many evenings of homework sitting on the floor and I know how difficult it was to have your routine disrupted so much.  You are a really good kid.  Thank you for being you. my dear husband, Rob, for saying "go for it" and doing so much hard work to make the space beautiful.  Thank you for the counter and the shelves and for creating the blank sign for Annie to paint.  I am very lucky to have you in my life. all the yogis and yoginis who practice with me.  This space was created for you and I've been delighted with all the good energy you brought to it during the first week.  Thank you for supporting the change and for being just generally really awesome.
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