Sunday, April 3, 2011

And Now it's a Yoga Studio

It's done, and just in time.  The new True North Yoga studio is ready to open for classes tomorrow morning.

This morning I unrolled my mat and practiced in the space for the first time.  Resting in sponge between Salambhasana and Dhanurasana I reached out my arms and gave the beautiful wood floor a big hug.  It feels like a yoga studio now.

Yesterday we moved in all the good stuff.

My son discovered that a pile of yoga bolsters are lots of fun.

Have fun storming the castle!

And, at last, we're ready.  Looking back...

And looking forward...

The Peace Wall...

And, thanks to my husband, Rob, and his tool skills, the reception area with the awesome counter he made for me.

How could I not play on that counter?

Monday morning at 8:00am, the doors open.  If you're nearby, come in and say "hi!"

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