Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Shiny Floor and a Surprise Revealed

We are sneaking up on the April 4th opening of the new yoga studio and it is almost ready.

The floor is shiny, or, at least, it was until it dried.  My dad isn't satisfied with the finish, and showed up today with another bucket of polyurethane, which he will apply tomorrow.  He'd never be able to focus in Gentle Yoga if he had to look at a less-than-perfect floor, so there was no point in telling him it was good enough.  I'm going to lose a couple of days while the second coat dries, but it won't stop us from opening on schedule.  The last things that need to be done can wait until the weekend.

Today I went there equipped with my sewing machine and altered curtains for the front windows.

Rob stopped by after work and hung some shelves for me.

While I was working on the curtains, my friend Annie finished that surprise I told you about a couple of posts ago.  It started out like this...

Progressed like this...

And ended up like this...

It is based on a graphic from the studio's website, except for the butterfly, which Annie said needed to be there because it's me.  I love butterflies and the transformation they represent.  It is a fitting symbol for this new stage in my yoga teaching journey.

While Annie wasn't working on the mural, she was busy painting the sign that will hang outside.

Thank you Annie!  You are amazing!

Next up...watching a floor dry.
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