Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a surprise...

And I'm not going to tell you what it is.  Not yet, anyway.

I'm just going to tease you with this picture, taken today at the new yoga studio, and let you wonder what's going on.

What I will tell you is that painting is complete.  Well, it's pretty much complete.  There is one side of a door that needs a second coat of paint, and little touch-ups to be made here and there.  But it makes me happy to think that it's complete, so that's what I'm going to think.

This evening's yoga students were very amused by the paint in my hair.  And the paint streaked on my face.

I'm ready to do something besides paint.

Which is why I'm excited that we pick up the floor sander tomorrow.

Rob is painting, too, down in his workshop.  Isn't it beautiful?  He calls it "Nine Months of the Year in Schroon Lake."  I'm thinking that he may be getting tired of snow.  Honestly, I'm ready for it to melt, and I like the snow, so his piece resonates with me.

The Museum of Modern Art said they'd take down one of those silly Jackson Pollock canvases to hang "Nine Months."  Rob told them to talk to his agent.

(It's really the start of the sign that will hang outside the new space.  I didn't fool anyone, did I?)
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