Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just one more day...

...and we'll be done painting.  Except for one thing, but that's a surprise.

My pictures today are, yes, more painted stuff.  But there are milestones here, big milestones.

The first milestone was the ceilings being finished.  This yogini's neck and shoulders are oh, so happy about that.

Thanks to Rob and his big bucket of tools, there are now shelves where once there was a gaping hole.  As soon as the sales tax authorities say "yes" and give me a nice number of my very own, I'll be loading those shelves with books, CDs and DVDs for sale.

Today we hit the biggest milestone thanks to Annie and her cutting-in skills.  The green walls are finished!

Tomorrow I'll finish the trim.  Next up, the surprise.  After that, the floor.
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