Sunday, March 11, 2012

A First

You always remember your first...the anticipation, the nerves, making sure you have everything you need, wondering how you'll know the appropriate time to start taking clothes off... Yes, I'll always remember my first triathlon. What did you think I was talking about?

Today my son participated in his first rock climbing competition with his team from Rocksport in Queensbury, New York. For kids active in sports, it's probably just another game, but for a kid with an SPD, just showing up is a big deal. The crowded climbing gym and loud music are bigger challenges than the wall routes. Getting my son in the door was a small victory. I'm thankful that his first was at the familiar Rocksport and not at a strange climbing gym.

We started him climbing on the team because he loves to climb and the Occupational Therapist agreed that it provided the sensory stimulation he needed. He was really nervous about the competition, but he did okay. We didn't expect him to win (he didn't), but he climbed hard enough to wear skin off his fingers. All we asked him to do was try, and he did.

I hope you'll indulge me while I share too many pictures of my son climbing the walls. I'm a mom, after all.

Warming up in the bouldering room

First wall route of the evening

Topped it on his second try

More climbing

One move left to top it

Still climbing

Coming down is much easier


Still climbing, even though he was tired

Smelly post-climbing-shoe feet
Be very thankful none of those packets bouncing around the internet carry smells, because the smell coming off those feet could wipe out a small town.

I don't know if he'll remember his first climbing competition with the same fondness I have for my first triathlon, but I'm very proud of him.

We celebrated by going to the Golden Corral, which would be my last choice except that it's a two-minute ride from the climbing gym and on the way home. I managed to put together a decent vegan meal at the buffet. I did cheat earlier when I shared a Snickers bar with my husband at the comp, but I'm still cheese-free.
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