Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Week of Not-Quite Thriving

Česky: Slinné konkrementy English: Salivary stones
Salivary Stones (Ewww!) Image via Wikipedia
It's 60 degrees in early March in the Adirondacks! Yay! But it's pouring rain. Boo.

And that weather report sums up the last week quite nicely.

First off, I am happy to report that I have not eaten any cheese all week. As a matter of fact, I have stayed completely vegan except for one small little thing:  My favorite local bistro just reopened after a two-month winter break and didn't have any soy milk when I went in for a chai latte. I couldn't wait any longer for my chai fix, so I settled for skim milk. For the record, chai is better with soy milk.

The recipes in Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optiminal Performance in Sports and Life include a number of smoothies, which turned out to be handy when a sinus infection spread into my salivary glands and made swallowing difficult. I'd never known it was possible to get infected salivary glands, but at least they seemed free from stones. I'd never known salivary glands could get stones. I suppose I can look at the bright side and say that my cold turned into a learning experience. But I'd rather it just went away.

Saturday afternoon was warm (and rain-free) and I met a friend for a run. Yep, I ran outside. Heck, I actually ran, for the first time since mid-January. Although I was a bit sore on Sunday, I didn't regret any of the almost-four miles. We've got another running date this Saturday.

I've really been struggling energetically thanks to the cold and subsequent infection so all the amazing inspiration coming from the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit is feeling a bit overwhelming at the moment. I'm finding myself holding back instead of jumping into the multitude of projects that I've been creating in my head, which is unlike me but also probably a good thing since I would most likely drop them all in a week anyway. Not that I need any more projects right now.

Remember the Adirondack Women's Empowerment Retreat? Anne and Beti put together a series of Saturday workshops to go deeper into the topics they covered at the retreat, which is very exciting and, I believe, the birth of something BIG! Yesterday I put together a website for them. It's still being edited and added to, but if you are interested in the Spring Empowerment Workshops you can get the dates and details and even register online with PayPal. Go to and have a look. (Don't you love their name?)

I'm heading into the second week of the 30-day vegan challenge with only one small slip-up. I haven't missed cheese at all. But I would like a nap.
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