Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Healthy Little Secret

The only thing I cook well is breakfast. Pancakes, waffles and omelets are my specialties. I can also bake pretty well, when I have time. It's hit-or-miss if dinner will be edible. I have five easy "safety meals" that I know my family will eat. Which is why all my attempts at creating healthier eating habits - vegan, whole foods, greens - have failed miserably. I can't stick with it and cook dinners anyone wants to eat.

One of my yoga students introduced me to Isagenix products. I have to admit I was skeptical at first. She finally convinced me to try a couple of servings. Then I bought a canister. Then a complete system. I was hooked, and here's why:  I felt better.

One shake in the morning with breakfast keeps me full until lunch, and my energy levels are staying even. That's pretty important to me, since most mornings I teach at least two yoga classes back-to-back. It can be very distracting when my stomach rumbles and my hands tremble. And my muscles are recovering faster after Yoga Body Shop, when I add hand weights and resistance bands to the yoga practice.

And dinners? Well, I've been working on healthier versions of my "safety meals," adding more veggies and cutting out as much processed food as I can. Making changes over time means I'm not trying to talk a nine-year-old into eating a plate of kale that I've cooked to death when what he wants is a taco. (That nine-year-old likes the shakes, too.)

I'm going to do my first 9-day Isagenix cleanse in just over a week, in time for summer to turn to fall. I'm really impressed with the products so far and I'm looking forward to trying more. My yoga students who've tried it have been very successful losing weight and keeping it off with the Isagenix products, while improving their energy level and mood.

It's more fun to cleanse with a group of friends who can support each other during the cleanse and afterwards. Check out the video below for more information. If you'd like to join me, email me at truenorthyoga(at)gmail.com.

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