Thursday, September 6, 2012

Teaching teachers

The Adirondacks is the perfect setting for inner exploration.
I took a big leap of faith this year and created an advanced yoga studies and teacher training program at the True North Yoga studio. We're set to begin in October and I am equal parts excited and scared. I struggle with feeling good enough as a yoga teacher so as I work on the lesson plans I must constantly remind myself that I have something to offer my teacher-trainees.

Teacher training was an amazing, transformative process for me. While I learned an incredible amount from my teacher, the lovely Tracey at One Yoga and Wellness Center in East Windsor, New Jersey, the real teacher was me. Teacher training required digging deep and taking a good look at myself. Through the self-exploration, I found power I never knew I had. Plowing through the Chakras showed me what I needed to use that power for. I was spiritually renewed, and I found I could teach because I trusted in a higher power to guide me.

By practicing asana after asana, meditating, discussing the philosophy of yoga and doing lots and lots of reading, I redefined myself. Even if I had never taught a yoga class, I had a new approach to life. And that's worth sharing.

What I have to offer is a safe, supportive environment for those who would like to take their yoga practice to a deeper level and explore inward. I can give them books to read, asanas to practice and guidance that comes from my own experience. I cannot teach teachers, not really, but I can create sacred space where they can teach themselves. It's going to be awesome.

(It's not too late to join us. There's more information and an application on our website. And if you're in Central New Jersey, check out the teacher training program at One Yoga.)
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