Thursday, January 22, 2009

Motivated to Train

I am following a sprint-distance triathlon training plan from the Beginner Triathlete website. Sprint-distance triathlons are the shortest races. My first planned race will be a 750 meter swim, a 20k bike, and a 5k run. My training isn't much compared to what more experienced triathletes are doing, but it is a challenge for me.

This was my workout schedule this week:

Sunday - 20 minutes on the bike trainer
Monday - 20 minute run (about 1 1/2 miles), push-ups
Tuesday - 30 minutes on the bike trainer
Wednesday - 25 minute run (I broke 2 miles for the first time)
Thursday - 40 minutes on the bike trainer, push-ups which should have been done Wednesday
Friday - rest day from triathlon stuff, so just push-ups
Saturday - 25 minute run

So far this week I've kept up with my training schedule. I've been working long hours, so some nights I've had to push myself to go out and run at 10 pm. I'm pretty tired after 12+ hours at work, but I haven't missed a workout. I am actually enjoying those late night runs. Running is a good way to let go of all the frustration and assorted craziness from work.

I'd like to spend more time on my yoga mat, but this week that isn't happening.

When I decided to do this triathlon thing, I assumed I'd struggle to find motivation to train, but I'm finding is that training itself is motivation to train. It feels good to be out there running or putting mileage on my trainer. I finally get that Nike commercial - "just do it!"
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