Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just Breathe

This morning I subbed for the prenatal yoga teacher. I like teaching the prenatal class. The room is filled with creative energy.

Because we are trying to help them through labor, we do some things that you don't see in a typical yoga class. Try this: Hold your arms out shoulder height. Keep holding them there and breathe. Hold the pose for two minutes, focusing on your breath. Unless you've got awesome deltoids, your arms are going to start to ache before the two minutes is up. Can you keep focusing on your breath and ignore the pain?

We do this for two minutes because that's how long a contraction usually lasts. This probably doesn't apply to you (if it does, congratulations!), but maybe we can apply it elsewhere. What else can you breath through? A cramp? Having a cavity filled? A deep tissue massage? A challenge at work? Hearing something hurtful from someone you love?

I needed to breathe today while I was trying to help my son build with Legos. My job was sorting through the tub full of sharp-edged pieces looking for tiny, oddly-shaped helicopter parts invented by sadistic parent-haters. Tristan got bored with the helicopter less than five minutes after it was finished. Ahhhh, just breathe.
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