Monday, February 2, 2009

A Dip in the Pool

Sticking to my triathlon training plan, I got out of bed bright and early and was in the pool at the YMCA by 6 am. This was my first "official" swim workout, and my first time in the pool in a few months. The plan called for a 12 minute swim. It should have been a piece of cake.

Not quite.

At 6:20 I dragged myself out of the pool wondering where all my upper body strength had gone. I could swim last fall. Maybe I couldn't swim great, but I wasn't near death after 6 laps. Sitting in the locker room waiting for my arms to recover enough to lift them overhead so I could put my shirt on, that nasty "I am not an athlete - why am I doing this?" thought hit me like a dump truck loaded with cinder blocks. For a brief moment I thought about giving up. Then insanity resumed control of my mind and I got dressed, came home, and started thinking about getting on the bike trainer tonight.

The biking has gotten easier. So has the running. The swimming will get easier too. Until it does, I just have to swallow my pride and try not to count how many times the old man sharing my lane passes me.

Oh, the answer to my question is "I have no idea why I'm doing this."
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