Monday, June 7, 2010

I should be committed

I'm getting my yoga mojo back. I had another good practice this morning, despite some pain in my hip joints that always comes when I eat lots of wheat before a hard workout. (I don't know why this is, but it is.) I taught 4 yoga classes today, spent some time on the phone adding another location to my teaching schedule and did a bunch of laundry, and I still have energy to sit here and write. Which is a good thing, considering what I just jumped into.

My life is full of synchronicity. I'll mention someone I haven't heard from in awhile and they'll call me the next day. I'll come across something I forgot I had and find myself needing just that thing shortly thereafter. And I'll blog about making a new commitment to my yoga practice and needing to get some writing done and, the next thing I know, I come across a yoga and writing challenge that starts - get this - tomorrow.

Bindu Wiles, a writer who I never heard of before today (but whose blog I will now be reading regularly), put together the 21.5.800 challenge. All the participants have to do is, for 21 days, practice yoga 5 days a week and write 800 words a day. That's right, all I'd have to do is keep up my yoga practice.....and squeeze 800 words into my day.

I looked at that and thought, "There's no way I can write that much every day."

So, of course, I immediately signed up.

(If anyone is questioning my sanity, you can stop. There is no question. I jumped off the sane train years ago.)

Yoga gave me the kick in the butt I needed for triathlon training. Can it give that same kick to my writing?

I'll find out tomorrow when I figure out how to squeeze in 800 words between another 4 yoga classes, a run, grocery shopping, and tackling the pile of paperwork on my desk that's so high it's threatening to fall over and bury my laptop. Then we'll see if I'm really ready to be committed.

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