Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Affirmations

Resolutions are for sissies. As soon as I say "I am going to..." I am off the hook. Whatever it is I am going to do is in the future, and it stays in the future until December 31st rolls around again and I'm disappointed. That's just the way resolutions work.

Affirmations are for people who really mean it. No future stuff in affirmations; it is NOW. When my mind hears "I AM," "It IS" and "I LIVE" it figures it's already happening, so I'd better get to it. I am no sissy, so here, mind, are my 2011 affirmations. Let's get to it.

I am crazily creative.

I am creating sacred space for the practice of yoga.

My life is my yoga practice and includes teaching others to discover their own yoga practice.

My daily asana practice sustains me.

I am strong, healthy and fast.

It is easy to keep the house clean.

My house reflects my family's creative spirit.

My home is warm, calm and inviting, and all friends are welcomed there.

I open my home to friends often.

My gardens add beauty in all seasons, provide food, and support the natural ecosystem.

Planning ahead for holidays frees up time for meaningful, creative gifting.

My wild spirit pours into everything I do.

I live joyfully and blissfully.

Lastily, an affirmation I have repeated many times over many years, in celebration of my individuality:

I am divinely unique.

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