Saturday, January 8, 2011


My asana practice has been softening. I've been softening. Even Surya Namaskar has softened. Movements are lighter and, when my body is still, I let go in a new easy effortlessness.

Perhaps I am mirroring the light, powdery snowfall. The world is softening.

I wanted to play with that softness, so I dug out my extra-soft charcoal pencil and tried to capture the world outside.

The trees are beautiful today, looking like they've all been sprinkled with down then dusted with glitter. The snow is still falling in tiny flakes I can only see when the light hits them just right. The sun is low in the sky, turning the snow clouds gold, and blindingly bright.

Tonight is a good night for a movie and my knitting needles. I've been knitting every day, keeping the holiday momentum going, but enjoying the process without the December 24th deadline looming. I'm taking my time, feeling the soft yarn as it slides between my fingers. Even my knitting is softening.
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