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December 12 - Libro (Book)

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What book did you read in 2011 that was most inspirational? Why?

Hmmm... The Fitness Professional's Guide to Musuloskeletal Anatomy and Human Movement isn't really inspirational. Neither is Exercise Physiology for Fitness Professionals or Ace's Personal Training Manual, but those are the books I've been reading this year. Hey, I've been studying for the personal trainer exam, so I haven't had much time to read other stuff.

I did read one book over the summer which had the potential to be inspirational, but I hated the end so much I can't even bring myself to mention it. I also squeezed in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo triology this year, which was entertaining but not particularly inspirational, unless you're a hacker.

I have to reach way back to the beginning of January, before the study guides arrived from Ace, to find a book that was inspirational. I brought this book home from Kripalu when I was there for a workshop in October 2010 and finally got to read it after the new year. The book is Breathing Space:  Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman, written by yoga teacher Katrina Repka and Alan Finger, the founder of ISHTA Yoga.

The book is a series of pranayama (breathing exercise) lessons interspersed with stories from a year of Katrina's life during which she moved to New York City and attempted to change her life. While trying to find herself she discovered Alan Finger's yoga class and, with his help, learned to breathe. In the process, she also learned about the thoughts and behaviors that had been holding her back.

In addition to breathing exercises which I could use in my own yoga practice and when I teach, this book gave me some insight into my own behavioral patterns. The story is easy to read and I related well to Katrina and her struggles. It was a reminder to me of how transformational the practice of yoga can be. My yoga practice has empowered me to do many other things. I'm glad I teach so I can share that empowerment with other women.

After a year of studying I'm hoping to, finally, take the personal trainer exam in January and get to read something inspirational, or even just entertaining, in 2012.

Meanwhile, did you know that there are ten muscles in the thorax just to elevate and depress the ribs while you take those big, deep breaths?
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