Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11 - Gracias (Thanks)

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Appreciation and acknowledgement are corner stones to building trust and deepening relationships. Write a thank you note or poem to someone who impacted your life in 2011.

Back in April I wrote a long thank-you post for everyone who helped me create the True North Yoga studio. Each one of those people impacted my life in a very positive way.

There are so many people who deserve my appreciation and acknowledgement that I cannot chose just one. Instead, allow me to present everything they've done during 2011. For these things I am grateful...

Listening to me vent when I faced obstacles, and supporting me while I worked through them.

Leading me by example to be the kind of mother my children deserve.

Making me laugh.

Holding my hand, figuratively and literally.

Dancing in the street with me.

Building steps to keep my feet out of the mud.

Keeping a bedroom clean every day.

Sitting on a rectangle mat and listening to my voice.

Challenging me to do better even though you're not trying to compete.

Keeping me warm.

Being generous.

Loving me for who I am even when I'm not acting lovable.

Sharing stories of day-to-day life.

Walking by my side while I follow my own twisty-turny path.

Choosing just to be.

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